Crossroads Evangelical Church is located in Wauseon, Ohio and serves roughly 800 people on a weekly basis. The body of Crossroads is intimately connected by one life-changing commonality: our relationship with Jesus Christ. Jesus is the head of the Church and we are all part of a "body" that makes up His Church. As body parts, we are connected to the head of Jesus, and therefore, are also connected to each other. We live out this connection as we worship together, learn together, share life together, serve together, and encourage one another to grow and obey our Lord Jesus Christ. As members of His body, we are committed to following His mandate through our mission according to the vision He has given us.


Our Mission

Crossroads exists to help people discover and grow to maturity & mission in Christ

Our Vision

To encourage and equip Crossroads people to missionally and prayerfully proclaim the word locally, regionally, and world wide reproducing the life of Christ in others who will reproduce.

our core values

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