One of the greatest needs of the rural church is Leadership Development.


Crossroads is dedicated to developing a leadership pipeline of effective leaders for use in God’s Kingdom. Do you need to be trained? Do you need to be challenged? Do you need a seasoned Pastor and staff to help guide you in vocational ministry? If you do….


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Our Goal

To develop leadership skills in pastors through a 2 year residency and discern with the resident how to best leverage those skills in local church ministry

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our vision

Graduates of the Leadership Development Residency will be equipped for and established in long term ministry.

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our distinctives

Holistic - The Leadership Development Residency is a 2 year holistic residency that equips pastors for lifelong service in the universal church

Flexible - This is a flexible residency wherein the Crossroads team adapts the instruction, mentoring and coaching to the specific needs and call of each resident

Long Term - Many residents will be given opportunity to minister long term within Crossroads or the Fellowship of Evangelical Churches (FEC) network.